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Kokomo Indiana Wedding Elopement

Isabella and Alan are married!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am for these two! Ever since their engagement session at France Park, (that you can see HERE) I’ve loved every bit of them and their love story! While their big wedding celebration may have been postponed, their Kokomo reservoir wedding was absolutely perfect for them!

How They Met

Isabella & Alan first met when they were in 8th grade! After becoming good friends through the marching band, they both admitted their strong feelings for each other. You can say they surely fell for each other as they dated the rest of high school. However, upon graduating they attended different colleges 4 hours away from each other. While the long-distance relationship was tough at times, they made it work and visited each other multiple times a month. When they were together they loved exploring new coffee shops, hanging out, and just simply being in each other’s company.

After 3 years, Alan knew it was time. With the help of Jared’s, he created Isabella’s one-of-a-kind engagement ring. In November 2018, Alan came home with the plan to ask Isabella to marry him. One morning, he tried to sneak out of the house to go pick up the engagement ring, but he couldn’t get by Isabella without her thinking something was up. He said he was headed out to get breakfast and coffee, but Isabella knew something was up.

The Beautiful Proposal

Later that day they had trekked to the Garden of the Gods in Illinois for an afternoon trip. Little did Isabella know that Alan had coordinated with her friends and they were going to take a video of the proposal! Once he got to the perfect spot, Alan led Isabella through the winding trails to a large rock. They sat down together and they both knew what was about to happen. They both started to cry happy tears together as they both talked of their favorite memories with each other. Finally, Alan got down on one knee and proposed and Isabella said yes!!!

Even though their original wedding was postponed, I’m so happy and proud of them for not letting it stop their love for each other. They didn’t let COVID stop them from getting married! They chose to have a beautiful Kokomo Reservoir Wedding to hold their sweet and simple ceremony. Surrounded by their immediate family and closest friends, they promised each other forever and became husband and wife! It was the perfect spot and I’ll never forget how happy they were after they kissed and ran out from beneath the trees. Pure joy!

Isabella & Alan: I have loved every second of having you guys as a 2020 couple! Your easy-going personalities and fun-filled love for each other has been so refreshing! I’m so excited to not only have captured this special day for you but to be capturing your postponed date as well!!!

To be continued!!!….

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Hair & Makeup – Madi Keene
Flowers & Hairpiece – The Banner House
Dress – One Loved Babe
Cake – Indulgence Bakery

June 9, 2020

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