Summer Engagement Session – Logansport, IN – Isabella & Alan


When I first chatted with Isabella over the phone for her wedding consult, I could hear the energy and kindness in her voice. She was kind, sweet, thoughtful and knew what she wanted. When we met for their engagement session I knew within the first 5 minutes this would be such a fun Summer Engagement Session!

Isabella & Alan are high school sweethearts. (I know! Cue all the cute emotions! I love these stories too!) They met when they were just 14 and 15 years old and became good friends in band class. At the end of the summer Alan decided to speak up and tell Isabella how he really liked her and had for awhile. When they returned to school Isabella had discovered she too had strong feelings and even wrote him a 3-page long letter telling him so. She said she was so nervous she threw the letter at him and ran away. The next day they started talking and the rest is history! Although they have to deal with some long distance relationship struggles, they always find time to see each other every few weekends and know the drive is worth it to see each other, if only for a day.

Their session was one of my favorites this summer! They are both bubbly, silly, laugh a ton and just know how to have fun. They even had the nerve to tell me they were terrible at photos…. LOOK AT THEM! Lies! Haha!

Their proposal story took place in Garden of The Gods in Illinois and knowing we couldn’t go there due to their very tight schedules, I knew the perfect place for them. France Park, IN is my little gem in my hometown. It’s gorgeous park, and rocky scenery was something I thought of to how we could incorporate their proposal story back into their engagement session. I think we did ok. Haha

This next year they’ll be getting married at The Hobson in Kokomo, IN and I’m so excited for them! I can only imagine how fun and classy their wedding day will be! Isabella & Alan, thank you so much for such a fun Summer Engagement Session!

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Summer Engagement Session
Fun Summer Engagement Session
Summer Engagement Session
Logansport, IN Photos
France Park, IN
Engagement Session Logansport, IN
Summer Engagement Session
Summer Engagement Session
Fun Summer Engagement Session Indiana
Summer Engagement Session
Laying in the field laughing
France Park, Summer Engagement Session
Summer Engagement Session
Summer Engagement Session

November 5, 2019

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