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Katie Osborn Photography is a wedding and lifestyle family photographer based out of Logansport, IN. 

My "Why" is simple:
I want you to re-live your favorite moments. To remember the feeling, the tiny details and to give you something you'll truly cherish long after the moment is gone. 

For the people who value                       , cherish the                         & love to                  ! You're in the right place!


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- I like to use lots of exclamations points!
- My favorite snack is Oreos & Milk
- Stargazing is my absolute favorite!
- I follow Jesus & love my church
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- Coffee is 80% of my body
- Maroon is my favorite color!
- Brooklyn 99 is my favorite TV Show

Hello! I'm Katie!

Growing up, I always loved pulling out my parents old photo albums and looking through them for hours. I was fascinated that grandma was young, mom and dad took us places we didn't remember and that I got to see family members that have since passed away. I loved asking questions and learning the stories behind the photos. For me, they were tickets back in time to endless stories otherwise forgotten, proof of the funniest memories and physical things to remember someone by. 

When I became a mother in 2016, I started to understand how fast time really flew by and I wanted to make sure to document our lives as much as I could. I never wanted to forget our daughters precious little smile, her wispy hair and chunky thighs. I didn't want to forget her little toddler giggles and sweet hugs and kisses. It was all the little moments that were my absolute favorite and I just wanted to hold onto them a little longer. 


I want you to remember his smile, her laugh, their curly hair, chunky thighs, sassy attitude, silly faces, and sweet kisses and snuggles. Your kids won't always fit in your laps, want you to tickle them till they scream they have to pee and ask you to read them a bedtime story and sing you a lullaby. These are some of the best moments of your life and I want to help you preserve them.

Let me help you give yourself and your kids something they can always hold onto.

Why Photography?

I want you to relive these precious little memories too!

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How it all started

Growing up, some of my favorite memories were made underneath the star-filled night sky. Sitting around the campfire eating pizza with my family, spending hours laying on my best friends roof talking about boys and high school gossip, and when I was dating and was head over heels in-love with "the one". 
Sometimes I miss those days when life was a little simpler but I'm thankful I still have the stars to remind me.

To me, photos are kind of like stars. They are my ticket back in time that remind me of some of my favorite moments that shaped who I am today.  They're visual storytellers that is something real that I can touch and hold to bring back joyful memories.

Now since I've become a wife and a mother, I realize just how important photos are, especially in a digital world. I have a passion for helping others preserve their best memories and create something real they can hold and hand down one day. We are never promised tomorrow, and I don't know about you, but I want to start remembering today.  

I can't wait to learn more about you!

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