A lot of “About Me” pages start with how they have had a camera in their hand since they were little. Well, my love for photography started a little differently...

My love for photography started with a bunch of old photo albums spread out on the carpet of my childhood bedroom. I fell in love with flipping through the old albums and sifting through loose photographs. I was able to see family I'd never met before, see what it was like when my parents were kids and even relive some fuzzy childhood memories of my own. Being able to get a glimpse into these precious memories felt like hidden treasure. I was holding our family history in my hands and felt a sense of responsibility to protect and preserve it for generations to come. 

Now, as a wedding and family photographer, I'm able to help others capture and preserve their most treasured moments in life as well. I get to give them a gift that keeps on giving through the years and that's pretty special. Pursuing this passion of storytelling has truly been an incredible journey and has led me to having some of the most incredible relationships with people. 

Now that you know a bit of the back story, I hope you scroll down and learn more about me and my family!



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Former Marine, gun fanatic, video game enthusiast, Beatles fan and lover of all things that involve guns and bullets.

Photographer, jesus  follower, thunderstorm lover, coffee mug collector, Disney fan and in love with all accessories gold and sparkly.

Our Elsa-obsessed 4 year old that loves to sing, dance, and sneak into mama's makeup. She has a big heart and a bit of sass!

Our 8 year old German Shepherd who loves to play fetch more than breathing. Obsessed with his Kong toys and lover of hikes in the woods. 

The calm and observant 2 year old who loves to snuggle, be a princess like her sister and has the best laugh in the whole world!



Photos of my grandpa from his childhood and younger years.

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My grandparents got married and started their own family...and had my mama!

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The start of my childhood! These are the fuzzy memories I love seeing because I don't remember!

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My brother and I...some of my favorites because of the memories attached to them.

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old photos

flip through some of the photos that started it all...


old photos




See some of the photos that started my love and journey into photography

meet Katie

A mama, wife, Jesus follower and lover of iced coffee. Honestly though, I'm just your average Indiana-raised girl with a heart for adventure. I love to laugh, make people smile and would rather be barefoot than wear shoes anyday! Ha!


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