Sunflower Inspired Indiana Wedding | Taylor & Dylan


Sunflower Inspired Kokomo Indiana Wedding

Taylor has always been in love with sunflowers, so it only seemed fit to have a beautiful sunflower inspired Indiana wedding! Not to mention that sunflowers could quite easily describe Taylor & Dylan’s personalities! They are both bright, fun, happy, smiling, and love having fun together. Their love and how they interact definitely reminds me of the head-over-heels high school love we’ve all been through at one point. With these two though it isn’t a phase, it’s simply who they are!

Taylor and Dylan met in high school and became close when they were in the marching band together. They shared similar interests and Dylan’s parents even joked about how Taylor could have been their second child and how they should get married one day. (Funny now huh!?) Upon graduation though they lost touch and went their separate ways. Years later they reconnected during a band concert they atteneded and realized the spark they had for each other was still there. Shortly after that they began dating and the rest is history!

I’ve known Taylor since High school and was honored to capture their special day. Seeing her so happy was the absolute best. One thing I’ve admired about Dylan is his Christ-like love for Taylor and her children. I’m confident he will be the best leader for his family and guide them with a God-loving heart.

Taylor and Dylan, I truly could not be happier for you and your family! I’m so glad you both re-connected and fell in love. Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful sunflower inspired Indiana wedding! Congratulations!

July 18, 2020

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