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Dairy Farm Family Session

When Bri told me that Brandon (her husband) was a 7th generation dairy farmer I knew instantly a dairy farm family session had to happen! She said the kids love helping daddy and papa on the farm and thought it would be so special to have photos on the farm because it meant so much to them. Before starting their session though, Bri handed me a thick album saying how Brandon’s Aunt had created this for their family. As I opened it and started flipping through the pages, my jaw dropped.

“This is INCREDIBLE!” I exclaimed.

It was the Herrold Farm’s family album, complete with the history from the past 7 generations! Filled with photos that dated back to the 1800s, this album was a true family heirloom. I couldn’t help but think how incredible it was and how much it would mean to their family in the generations to come. It was no surprise that when I handed it back to them they told me they keep it in their fireproof safe!

Their session was a dream!

They were wonderful in front of the camera and I loved learning all about the modern-day dairy farm. From the equipment they use, the cows being milked, bottle feeding the calves, and just everything. It was all incredible. Blakelee, the 4-year old girl, knew quite a bit as well and even taught me a few things! She even introduced me to her cow, #781! Apparently, #781 always comes to Blakelee whenever she’s around. How sweet, right!? We even got to see “Papa” (grandpa) and the kids got a special treat before we started their session.

“Papa always keeps Dum Dum suckers in his overalls, so every time the kids see Papa they run over to him to get a sucker, it’s the cutest thing “, explained Bri. I just thought about how special it will be to have that sweet memory as they grow older

It’s sessions like this that make my heart explode with happiness! I just think about the kids and how much they will cherish these photos and the album their great aunt worked so hard on to create. The hard work, dedication, and love that go into farming is something I’ll always respect. We had so much fun and I absolutely cannot wait to photograph more family sessions like this in the future!

Thank you so much to Brandon and Brianne Herrold for inviting me out to capture these sweet memories for your family! Your diary farm family session was one I’ll always remember!

Dairy Farm Family Photos
Fun on the Dairy Farm
Dairy Farm Family Photos
Dairy Farm Family Session
Dairy Farm Family Photos
portraits on the dairy farm
Portraits on the dairy farm
portraits on the dairy farm
Playing in the dairy barn
letting the dairy cows out
Farm Family Photos
Farm fun
Herrold Farms INC.

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June 1, 2020

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