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Lifestyle Family Session on Bed

Erin & Jeremy, you have the cutest little twin boys! They were full of energy, emotions, and I knew from the get-go that this session would be fun and challenging! Nonetheless, their lifestyle family session was great despite a few mood swings here and there!

We started off reading some of their favorite books up in their bedroom and getting a glimpse of their baseball stitching on the wall since they WILL be baseball fans someday! Haha! We wanted to capture some of the things they loved doing at this age, which was playing with blocks, climbing the stairs, walking around with their walkers and cuddling and wrestling on the bed with mommy and daddy.

One thing I loved so much about their home was that Erin has tons of photos of the boys up on the walls already and I LOVED seeing that she printed her photos and cherished the little moments and memories.

At the end of the session the boys were DONE and ready for their naps, but we had to snag that last picture for a good laugh. Poor buddy!

Wall Design!

Erin had some frames that she was gifted months ago but just hadn’t gotten around to do anything with them yet. I mean, with twins under 2 I can only imagine how full her hands are! Wanting to fill them, we talked about a few walls in her home that she wanted to possibly fill and we designed a few ideas for her! Here are just a few of the examples we came up with!

June 27, 2019

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