Time flies by so fast, doesn't it!?
It seems like we blink and our kids are another year older!
Ever since becoming a mom myself, I've gained a passion for helping other families capture their                                  and  helping guide them into creating something beautiful they can treasure forever. Wether you're a new mom, or already have a few kiddos, there's never a better time than now to capture these                              

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precious memories.

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The Experience

Reveal Party!


Book Your Session

Session Day!

Let's chat over the phone or have a Face Time date to learn more you, your family and what you're envisioning for in your session!

2 weeks after your session, we will meet again and have your reveal party! You will see your images for the first time and decide what you would like to create with them! I offer:
Digitals, Prints, Albums & Wall Art

If you've ordered any physical products, I will hand-deliver them to you, 2-4 weeks later, and help you install them in your home. Now you can just enjoy!

Once we know we're a great fit, I'll send you an online booking proposal and you'll pay your $150 session fee. Yay! You're booked!

Your session day is here and we're going to have so much fun! Wether we're out exploring, or capturing you in your home, there will be tons of smile and lots of laughter!

An outdoor session, perfect for all families! Great for wild kids and parents who want to capture their fun and crazy personalities! We'll play games, laugh a TON, and capture some real and genuine smiles! 

Welcoming your baby home is such a bittersweet time and your little bundle will change so much in the coming days. Newborn lifestyle sessions are done in the comfort of your own home and capture the candids moments along with beautiful portraits.

Let's face it, many of our favorite memories are made when we're at home. Let's capture those! Family lifestyle sessions are activity based and focus on candid moments and your families favorite hobbies together. 

Family Session: $150

Newborn Lifestyle Session: $150

Family Lifestyle Session: $150

Session Types

- Session Planning 
- Style Guide
- 1 Hour Session

*Digitals, Prints and Products all sold after session

*Digitals, Prints and Products all sold after session

*Digitals, Prints and Products all sold after session

- Session Planning 
- Style Guide
- 1-2 Hour Session

- Session Planning 
- Style Guide
- 1-2 Hour Session

- Reveal Party
- Delivery

- Reveal Party
- Delivery

- Reveal Party
- Delivery 

What's Included?

What's Included?

What's Included?

let's chat

Let's Chat

Let's chat

Please Note: Your $150 session fee does NOT include digital images or prints. All digitals, prints and products are sold after your session at your reveal and ordering session.


Canvas Or Metal
16x24 Starting at $409 

Multiple styles with Acrylic 
8x10 Starting at $149 

Thick prints, perfect for framing 
4x6 Starting at $29 

perfect Gifts for family
Set of 3 Starting at $89 

20 Page, Leather or Linen heirloom album
8x8 starting at $599

25 Digital Images - $299
35 Digital Images - $399
50 Digital Images - $499



Wall Art

Framed Prints

Mounted Prints

Accordion Album

This experience and these keepsakes aren't just for now, but for 20, 50 and 100 years from now! These are family heirlooms you're creating and items you will treasure as the years go by.  All products come with the matching digital file(s)as well for social media sharing and archive.

Sticker Shock?

I TOTALLY understand! That's why I offer flexible payment plans up to 6 months. We all value purses, cars, shoes, and electronics differently. This is the same. Just like you invest in those things, you invest in keeping your memories alive. Average clients spend between $450 - $2000 on this custom experience. There is no minimum, you only purchase what you absolutely love!

Let's Make it Work!

Let's Get Started!

Family FAQ

What is a "Lifestyle" session?

What is your shooting & editing style?

Help! What do I wear for our family session!?

What is required to book?

Do you have insurance?

What if it rains on the session day?

A lifestyle session is a session full of fun, candid photos that showcase your family doing activities you love doing together. These are completely unique to each family, but here are a few:
- Taking walks
- Cooking together
- Having tickle fights and wrestling with dad
- Reading Books/Playing games
- Tender moments with mom
- etc

My shooting style is often called candid, lifestyle & documentary. My editing style is commonly described as bright & airy, natural & timeless . I want your images to look amazing in 50 years, and not just be the "in-style" way of editing. 

Picking out what to wear for your family photos can be a little stressful. All my families receive a Family What To Wear Guide when they book a session with me. It provides helpful tips and tricks to choosing colors, locations, and do's and dont's.

To book your session I require a signed contract and a $150 session fee that covers your planning appointment, session itself and your reveal and ordering appointment.

Yes! Your safety is a huge priority for me, which is why I make sure to have the proper coverage for my clients and myself. 

If it rains on the day of your session, we will reschedule to another date. I want my families to have the best of the best when it comes to their photos and the best way to achieve that is with the sun!