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It seems that every time I book an In-Home Newborn Session I seem to always mention how I need to write a blog post for new moms. Since I have a little down time this Winter I figured I would do just that! So whether you’re about to have a baby or you’re already in the toddler years, here are my Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms for 2020!

*None of these are sponsored and I don’t receive anything from these companies. I truly just love these products and wanted to share with others. ( I wish I got paid like real bloggers! Haha!)

1. Owlet SmartSock

This is my very first and favorite on my “Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms” list! I LOVE this little sock! I wish I would have had this with my first born! As a new mom, one of my biggest fears was the dreaded SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It caused a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights for me as an already exhausted new mom. Fast forward to my second child and we invested in this little sock with the company’s financing option. We knew it would be worth it and didn’t mind spending the money.

To keep it simple, this device is a little electronic smart sock that monitors your babies heart rate and oxygen levels while they sleep. If the levels reach an unsafe level, the device and your phone will alert with a loud chime. This was a HUGE relief for me and GAVE ME SO MUCH PEACE OF MIND at night. I will ALWAYS recommend this product as it gave me an extra layer of peace and protection.

You can find more information here: Owlet Smart Sock 2

Owlet Smart Sock - Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms

2. Yi Home Camera

Have you ever looked at how much baby monitors cost? Some are up to $300!!! To me that is INSANE. When we first found Yi Cameras we didn’t think they would work well or we would be impressed since they were cheap, but boy were we wrong! These cameras (we now have 3) have been one of the BEST THINGS WE’VE EVER PURCHASED for our home. Incredible quality, tons of features, smart detection, and 2 way audio.

Sometimes when accidents happen, kids are fighting or we need to see if the dog got on the couch when we were gone, our camera system alerts us through the app and/or we can go back to the recordings to see exactly what happened. This was extremely helpful when we had a scare of our own early on when our daughter picked up our newborn and carried her down the hallway. Without the cameras, we would have never known how she carried her or if she got hurt. (She didn’t by the way, but thanks to Yi, WE KNOW!)

You can see all their cameras here on their website!

Yi Camera - Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms

3. Carter Bibs

Ok, so this is a newborn thing for sure, but I needed to include this because NOT ALL BIBS ARE CREATED EQUAL! LOL After receiving tons of baby shower gifts and getting so many bibs, we discovered we definitely had our favorites. You have to get the bibs with the backing on them, otherwise they are basically useless if you have a drooly kid. Lol It’s just the truth. Here’s a link to our favorite brand! Click Here!

Best Bibs/ Carters, - Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms

4. NoseFrida

At first this might seem like the most disgusting thing but I promise, IT WORKS! The NoseFrida is a snot magician when it comes to helping your little baby get rid of their stuffy nose. Let’s be honest, the little snot sucker you get at the hospital just doesn’t cut it. Besides, I want to be able to take apart and thoroughly clean whatever I’m using for my baby! Don’t worry, you never get snot in your mouth. You may think it’s gross, but when you’re desperate, you’ll think of this, get it and wonder why you waited so long!

Here’s the link: NoseFrida

NoseFrida - A must have for new moms!

5. Muslin Burp Cloth

Let me start out by saying that these have SO MANY MORE USES than just for a burp cloth. These Muslin burp cloths absorb SO WELL, are large, and curve to your shoulder and babies neck. Nothing upset me more when my baby spit up and we used a burp cloth that wasn’t absorbent. You can guess what happened…yup! Spit up when right on down the burp cloth and onto me or my husband. With this material (muslin) we never worried about messes and would wash these before we even touched the other burp cloths.

Here’s a brand that is super similar to what we used! Muslin Burp Cloths

Best Burp Cloths - Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms

6. Noise Machine

This is a no brainer. After baby has been inside of you for 9 months, all these new noises can probably seem overwhelming. This little Fisher-Price Music & Lights Elephant was perfect for what we needed and was only $20! I actually found it at Aldi of all places! #Aldiwin This one has multiple sounds, a volume level and a nightlight star that you can turn on or off. It even has a timer setting. Here’s the link! Fisher Price Music & Lights Elephant

Top 10 Sound Machine for Newborns. - Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms

7. NUK Hard Spout Sippy Cup

This my friend is the first sippy cup that I’ve found that is truly SPILL-PROOF! I literally replaced all our sippy cups with these. They’re insulated, spill-proof, super durable and have cute designs. What more needs to be said!? There’s a reason they made my “Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms” list!

Here’s the link! NUK Hard Spout Sippy Cup

Best Sippy Cup of 2020 for toddlers!

8. Portable Changing Mat

You’ll never realize how many places don’t have changing stations until you’re a parent. It still amazes me how many stores and restaurants don’t have changing tables. It also is super inconvenient for dads who have even less of a change for changing tables in their restrooms! This is a necessity! Even if there is a changing table, part of me would rather lay my pride and joy down on something that I know is clean. This is the perfect tool for on the go changes!

Skip Hop Portable Changing Mat

SkipHop Portable Changing Pad
Must Have for 2020 Moms! Portable Changing Mat!

9. Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow

These have been SO GREAT FOR CAR RIDES! It’s water, has a place to store the pen, dries quickly and keeps my kiddos busy on car rides. I discovered these a few months ago and LOVE them! I honestly love any of the Melissa & Doug toys! We have several!

Check them out! Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow

Water Wow- The best toy for kids on car rides!
Water Wow

10. Promptly Journals

This last one isn’t a toy, but it’s more on the sentimental side of thing and will be SUCH A TREASURE one day for your kids and yourself to look back on. A few months ago I discovered this incredible brand called Promptly Journals. They have quite a few different journals, but my favorite is the Childhood History Journal. This is a journal that you can record in for your child from pregnancy until they’re 18 years old. Each age has different questions based on their age and what they may be interested in and has prompts most baby books don’t have. I find this incredibly important and am working on mine for both my two girls. How incredible will it be to someday give this to them to read and understand that I was once there too. It will be so special to remember those fuzzy memories by mom or dads own handwriting. Go check them out. I’m so in love with who they are.

Promptly Journals

Promptly Journal - Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms

That’s It!

Those are my Top 10 Must Haves For New Moms For 2020! I hope you’ve learned something new or at least laughed at my blunt opinion. I absolutely love all these things and just want to help moms set themselves up for success! I’m not saying these are the absolute best products in the whole entire world, but they really helped my family. I hope they can help yours too!

Thank you! 🙂

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