Boondocks Farm Knightstown, IN – Engagement – Taylor & Spencer


Boondocks Farm Engagement

Meet Taylor & Spencer!

Since our very first conversation, I fell in love with how in love they were with one another. Just by the way they talked to each other, you could tell they were always looking out for the others best interest before their own. Both selfless and incredibly kind, Taylor and Spencer were simply made for each other I believe!

We started their engagement session off at their brand new home the just moved into. They are dog lovers if you couldn’t tell, and Taylor even shows them! I was fascinated by this “mini retriever” breed called a “Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever”. They are simply adorable!

After loving on the dogs, we headed toward Boondocks Farm in Knightstown, IN, where their wedding would take place, and explored the farm. They were naturals when it came to posing and following instructions! See for yourself!

I’m so so happy for you both!

June 21, 2019

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