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Here are “5 Reasons To Do a “First Look” on Your Wedding Day”

What’s a “First Look”?

If you’ve never heard of a “First Look” before, don’t worry, it’s a new trend in the wedding world where the bride and groom see each other BEFORE the ceremony. I know, I know, it’s not traditional, so if you’re wanting to stick to the traditional “I want to wait till the actual ceremony for my groom to see me” then the first look might not be for you. But, if you’re open to seeing your honey before your vows, here are some great reasons to why you should!

1. Private moment

In the whirlwind of your wedding day, a first look is an intimate moment you can look forward to before you’re surrounded by friends, family and guests. This is a perfect time to be by yourselves for a few minutes to really just take in the day for all it is and to cherish the moment. If either of you are the emotional type and think you’ll cry the first time you see each other, this is a great option so you have time to freshen up your makeup and not have a beat red face for the ceremony.

2. Less Time Between the Ceremony and Your Reception

One of the things I hear the most from brides is that they don’t want to keep their wedding guests waiting very long between the ceremony and reception. Unfortunately, with traditionally waiting till the ceremony for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time, that means that all the portraits have to be done between the ceremony and reception. This can result in a long cocktail hour and wait time for guests, especially those with children. When you opt for a First Look, you can get your bridal party portraits and most of your bride and groom portraits finished BEFORE the ceremony. More and more, brides are moving toward a first look because of this reason alone. Plus, it’s one less thing you have to worry about after the ceremony!

3. More Bride & Groom Portraits

Another great reason to have a first look is that you’ll usually have twice as many bride and groom portraits. After the first look is done and the tears of joy are wiped away, I love to take some portraits of my couples because the lighting is different at that time than later in the day when normal portraits are taken. Personally, I love to give my bride and grooms 2 different times for portraits to give them a variety of looks. 1 set of portraits during the day, and 1 set during golden hour. Golden hour is the hour right before sunset, casting beautiful and romantic golden light over everything. By doing a first look we have double the time to achieve these 2 different looks.

4. Eases Nerves

Your wedding day is a BIG DAY! You’ve been planning for months and the day has finally come! With such a big moment, some couples get very nervous, especially when they’ve been without their significant other from the night before and the entire morning. Doing a first look gives the bride and groom a way to see each other before being surrounded by guests and able to calm the other down. Some brides and grooms fear doing this will take away from the emotion of walking down the aisle, but from talking with them afterwards, they say the big moment of walking down the aisle is still so very different and special in its own way!

5. A Special Location

Your first look doesn’t have to be in the church you’re getting married in or in the parking lot. This is a great time to incorporate a special location to the two of you if it’s not far away or even a unique part of the property you’ve rented. Choosing the location of your first look can be special and give your gallery extra variety, especially if you’re doing your bridal party photos before the ceremony as well. If you aren’t sure where to have your first look your photographer can help you plan the perfect spot!


All and all, doing a first look can really help your wedding day run smoothly, but it’s not wrong if you opt to not do a First Look either. Your wedding day is YOUR DAY and ultimately I want YOU to be happy with your wedding day timeline! 🙂

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