Kassidy – Senior Session – Logansport, IN

Feb 25, 2019

Kassidy has the sweetest personality with a ton of spunk! She and her mom were so much fun to work with during their experience. One of my favorite things about her senior session was the fact that she wanted to recreate old photos from her childhood! She had one of her when she was little with the dog on the top right here in the same spot and when she showed me I knew we had to recreate it. She loves both her dogs so much and wanted to remember them.

A country girl, tomboy, and simple at heart, Kassidy loved her older brother and his fiance’s new property so we took advantage of the country charm and captured some of Kassidy just goofing around and being herself.

We even pulled out their dads old truck that meant so much to them, as he passed away when Kassidy and her brother were young. We had to incorporate something special.

We ended her session with a POP of confetti!

From her session, Kassidy decided an album best suited her free-spirited nature since she couldn’t narrow down all of her favorites!

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